Biyernes, Agosto 4, 2017

Date Night

What is your favorite thing to do when you have a date with your loved one?

Yesterday, I had a beautiful day with my husband. Before starting our date night, I went to Civil Registry to get the birth certificate of my brother and it really took me almost 2 hours of standing and waiting! uugghh.

Anyway, after that we started our date with Turks! Omg super yummy!! I ate 2 pieces of the wrap because 1 is very KULANG.

Eric ate 1 wrap and 1 with rice because he just came from the gym.

We watched Kita Kita and I had high hopes because it has really good reviews in socmed. It was okay for me. Not super duper amazing. Just okay.

After that we went to get Liam and he had Karate Lessons.

While waiting, we had 1.5 hours massage on our new favorite massage parlor. It was such a treat specially that our muscles are so tired from working out.

There is a Don Benitos near USP so I tried the Pichi Pichi that I was craving for. Super Yummy!!!

Hubby went to Victoria Plaza to buy something, then bought the Taco Boy Lumpia!! Its our favorite and super mura pa.

We got Liam and went home. We bonded wih our kiddos and had a lovely night before sleeping. 😍😍😍

I just love having date nights like this. Amidst all our busy days, its nice that we had a whole day of pampering and chill.


Budget Barbara

Linggo, Hulyo 30, 2017

Breakouts in my 30's

Most of you might be having nicer skin now that you are in your 30's. In my 20's I never had the problem except when I abruptly stopped taking birth control pills and my hormones was out of control. I went to my derma, Mediskin and everything was controlled.

When I reached my 30th birthday last year, I noticed I keep getting breakouts. I don't know why. It's been a year since I am fighting the breakouts. Not naman super rami but I am irritated at it.

I tried to remove the reasons why I break out.

1. Stopped taking whey or BCAA's for my
workout. Just one drink and I have pimples!

2. Not changing any make up like foundation, bb cream or concealer.

3. Not taking Whitening pills or anti aging collagen because I tend to break out and I don't know why.

4. Started eating healthier.

5. I am taking vitamins and minerals now and I will talk about it on another blogpost.

6. Establishing a skin care routine daily.

I am doing all of these things but still am breaking out. I am not stressed on work, and regarding on sleep deprivation, I am doing my best. I am still co-sleeping Heather so I still wake up in the middle of the night so I sometimes have crazy sleeping patterns. I have to wake up really early!! #mommyduties. I always try to take a nap in the afternoon to help my sleep problems.

Lately, I realize, maybe because I am doing super tiring workouts everyday and my body can't take the stress I put in my body. I can't stop crossfit because I love the training and the discipline.

Right now, I am just dealing with breakouts day by day and just not think about it.

I hope you can relate and hope you can also give me some tips!!!

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