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About Budget Barbara

What is your full name:
 My name is Farah Barbara C. Zamora.

Where are you from?
I am proud to be born and raised in Davao City, Philippines.

What do you do?

I am a businesswoman. I have a shop in Victoria Plaza Mall named Budget Barbie PH.
I also opened a little restaurant named Chicken Central. As you can see I love to beautify, so naturally I opened a salon, named Glam GoddeZ salon.

I’m also a personal shopper to some of my clients here in Davao.

Me and my husband are part-owners of Net Central Café and Game Central Café.
It is in Tagum, Davao and soon in Digos.

We also own Station E and Station F Internet cafes respectively.

I am also my husband’s accountant and secretary too. So as you see, I’m a busy woman.

What achievements are you proud of?

Well, I am proud to pass my Nursing board exam and NCLEX exam. I don’t like my course and I did what I have to do (study hard) and surprisingly, I passed. Haha

At a very young age, I started having three insurances (2 in Sunlife, 1 in Manulife for investing stock market), and I am able to religiously pay for it. I want to have a secure future.

To have the guts to open my own business. It takes a lot of strength and confidence to open one. There are a lot of highs and lows and it requires hard work and lots and lots of patience.

I am a proud mom at an early age. I am happy that I am able to turn an early pregnancy as an achievement. I love being a mom and I would never ever trade it to anything.

What is your style?

As you can see, in the header of my blog, I love vintage and Bohemian at the same time. I love to mix them, and I can’t decide which is my true love. 

I love to dress up ever since I was young. I don’t like to buy expensive clothes. I want to mix and match and I dress up according to my mood. Sometimes, Vintage, Rock/grunge, Bohemian, classy and Glam.

What is your Inspiration to take on the Fashion World?

I love looking to all kinds of women in the blogosphere. I’m attracted to Filipina, American, French, Australian and Asian bloggers.

Where do you shop?

I usually shop in Baclaran, Divisoria, Ukay-Ukay. I also shop in Forever 21, Department Stores, and of course, Budget Barbie PH.

What is your dream fashion collection?

I always wanted to buy a Chanel Flap Bag, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Prada.
But since, I can’t wear them due to my lifestyle and of course its not practical. Maybe when I get older but I am now focusing on Kate Spade, Charles and Keith and Coach.
I would rather invest on Real Estate than a bag or shoe collection.

Random Fact about You?

I am a proud wife and mom. I love my mom more than anything in this world.
What I learned in life, is that you can really change your life, if you really want to. Of course there are struggles along the way, but I know I can do everything with God and my family. Family is important.
Also, I always want to save up… because there will be rainy days, and I’m a doomsday prepper, or atleast, trying to be one. 

Who inspired you to be who you are today?

Of course my mom, who always believed in me. She is a strong woman who managed to provide for us financially and emotionally.

My husband, who is my mentor in all my business ventures. He is such a street smart kind of person like me, and we complement each other. He is able to manage a business since he was only 17 years old. 

Michelle Phan. I always loved how she followed her dreams. I am so proud of her. She is such a phenomenon. Her talent is amazing.

Robert Kiyosaki. I am always learning a lot from him in finance. I love his blog and book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Suze Orman. I loved it when she said that even if you grew up with poverty, you can always change your life. it's all about a different money mindset and being able to save up and invest with good legitimate business.

Heidi Klum. A superwoman, businesswoman and a mom. One day your in, the next day your out!

Why did you set up this new blog?
            I have a blog, I feel like I have to change it to focus and for my blog to be closely related on my other business Budget Barbie PH. I also want to be able to help other girls that you don’t have to spend expensive things just to be happy, and to look good. It’s all about good buys and confidence.

What will be your blog all about?
My blog will be all about my personal life, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, financial, parenting, food, travel, and Finance. I never expected it, but I love to talk about Finance.

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