Lunes, Agosto 26, 2013

Come bargain hunt with me.. BAGS!!!

Hey budget barbies! How did you spend your holiday? Me it's pamper me day!

- Went to my eatery to visit and talk to the customers.
-Had a blast at my salon, manicure, pedicure, blower for my hair (free mode)
- whole body massage
- went bargain hunting! Ukay - ukay mode!

My shopping adrenaline body is calling me to shop again. But I can't buy something expensive cause we are opening a new business in Digos. We have to save for the investment.
So what did I do? LOL Panic buying at the public market near my salon and eatery!
I had a lot of fun with my hairdresser. He is also a close friend of mine at the same time.

navy blue snake skin inspired bag (the most expensive one, it's like brand new)

Chanel inspired pure leather sling bag

Made in Italy navy blue purse

Burgundy purse! Very big trend for Fall fashion (made in paris)

Last but not the least, a super furry Juicy Couture Inspired Bag! Super nice and in good condition!
I hope you enjoy my bargain finds today! I'm really the queen of bargain hunting! 
I spent P500 for everything! :)

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Time to start a busy week! What is important is to drink coffee. haha. Goodnyt loves!

May your dreams come True

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