Miyerkules, Agosto 14, 2013

Gyaru - Inspired Budget Barbie Ph dress

 Hey loves! :) Cheers to my first fashion blog post! Here I am lovin' my new black dress from Budget Barbie PH! :) It has a super comfy dress, and it has a nice fit too! Available also in white! Super duper Japanese inspired!

 I am starting to love my slightly svelte figure. but I really really want to remove the extra five lbs. Lately, I am so tired and lazy to exercise but I still do it. It's really hard specially that I know I am so busy for the Kadayawan Festival. Of course the 15th also means I have to give salary to all our workers. It is tiring to organize all our businesses. But good thing me and my hubby do it together that makes it more fun.

Hope you love my look!

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