Sabado, Setyembre 28, 2013

Blue Vintage on a Rainy Saturday

Hey Loves! What a rainy Saturday! I decided to rest..just stayed in the house and watched movies and a little bit of work.  My hubby is in Digos so might as well have some alone time with me.
It made me smile yesterday, when I planned on buying Starbucks coffee with my favorite oatmeal cookies.
I decided not to continue on this mission coz the businesswoman in me said to just go home and drink the 3-in-1 coffee.
I know it's for the best because I know how hard it is to earn my own money and of course who would not want to earn your first million? So sacrificing this things in order to achieve the bigger picture is worth it.

Of course, you may ask, that I am quite addicted to all things girly, well the answer for you is I save 70% of my income and I spend the 30% .. so don't judge me. hahaha. My husband is quite the supportive type and he lets me be. He wants me to be happy. But I am not the type who spends like sky is the limit.  I am quite simple and practical. He may spoil me but of course I do all his errands and be the supportive wife, so I can say it's give and take baby. LOL

So I am quite a happy wife and now I feel like wearing something girly today. :)

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