Biyernes, Setyembre 13, 2013

Highschool Life

 Hey readers! Went to my high school alma mater to attend to my son's speech fest! Walking along the corridors of my old school made me reminisce the things that happened during those laid back but fun days! I spent my last 2 years there. I was a new kid. Some of those days.. made me want to hide in the bathroom. LOL!

I was used to my old school, Assumption College of Davao, but I told my mom that I want to try something new. So I chose Davao Christian High School. I don't know why but I feel it's a great school to be in.

Though being the new kid definitely has its perks... I got to play a lot of roles in some theater plays in the auditorium...Romeo and Juliet, Noli Me Tangere, Pocahontas.. and also some cheer leading stuff! I also met my true friends there. My kaberks! Cat, Ais, Jen and Mael.

 One of the most saddest part of the 2 years.. there were some mean girls that made my life harder.
Some of them came from rich families. But I did not let them get to me.. I still became strong, confident and focused on my friends and studies. I showed them that I can be equal or better than them even though I am not as rich as they are.. but  even though I experienced those mean girls, I also met super humble and friendly ones. :)
 The last year of highschool, I had a better time and there are so many memories that I can cherish.. all of those things happened to me made me stronger and made me who I am now.
I am writing this now cause I know bullying is quite apparent in all schools. I am quite lucky that my parents taught me how to respect and treat others properly and to know what is right and wrong. So if your reading this and who is now experiencing this kind of problem, don't let them get to you. Focus on your dreams, continue on being yourself, because one day, you might be that someone who is successful and you will just look back on those days.. and say.. ' I am proud of myself that I had handled everything properly and I don't regret anything.'
I can say that me and my husband always try to protect Liam towards bullying and we always tell him to be strong and don't show any weakness. All of the wounds that happened to me in high school got me determined to really really work hard to achieve what I want! Definitely I am really in the right path... I am independent woman and I am proud of myself that I am a CEO of my own business and my life! :)

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