Lunes, Setyembre 30, 2013

Let's go out

Hi everyone! Just want to share my outfit last Sunday! My husband was so stressed out from the past two weeks and when he got the time to chill, he invited us to eat out at our favorite restaurant, Bigby's.
Dress: Budget Barbie
Sandals: Janilyn
Bag: thrifted (ukay-ukay)

October is coming really really soon! 2014 is really near.. and I am really hoping for a good year.  Hope I will not struggle too much.

Right now, I am happy with my life.. no more fake friends this time and just true friends.

It is really true that when your on the way up, there are lots of people who will try to pull you down. Like a crab.

But, I am not like that. I will take the stairs, be positive and earn me a happy life.

Just because I work hard, that does not mean that you judge me for it.

I just love it when we are complete. I will still continue to live a positive life because I am so blessed and happy. So to all the things that I had encountered I shrug them off because everyday I count my blessings and indeed I am super duper blessed.

A happy career and a happy family. That's all I'm asking for.
Here is our favorite every time we go on our favorite restaurant!
The yummiest salad I ever tasted! Ticky Wacky Chicken Salad

Yummy Spaghetti

Chicken in a basket

Raspberry lime infusion

And of course free hugs from my son :)

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