Martes, Setyembre 17, 2013

Liam's 5th birthday

Hi everyone! I just love my super duper nice white lace blouse from Keysa's boutique on instagram.
It's quite famous on bloggers all over the world, and also to local actresses as well. So when I finally got to get it, I decided to wear it on my son's 5th birthday.

Time is so precious because.. everything happens so fast. Now my son is now  with me for 5 years. I can definitely say motherhood is for me. Here are some of the pictures on his special day. We celebrated it on D' Leonor Wavepool. The place did not exceed my expectations. It was soooo expensive. Imagine, we have to pay for everyone for P250 per person even though they will not swim. it is so unfair and not good.
with my Zamora family!

with my sissy and bday boy Winston!

with cousin KC

Cancio family!

Little bit scared with the hanging bridge

with our new baby! CAylee!

I love my skin here! Will share on how to get this fresh looking skin soon! :)

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