Miyerkules, Setyembre 11, 2013

Looking for romance

Happy cold midweek everyone!! Today, I am stuck in the house cause I need to rest after a dental appointment yesterday. No need to talk about it cause I don't want to share eeewww moments. LOL

Anyway, my son's 5th birthday is coming up and I'm so excited to share his special day with him. He is such an awesome kid. My best friend in the whole wide world. He is always a good  company to be with, no boring moments with my son. He really got his humor from his dad.
 Anyway, about the title.. Are you looking for romance?  I know everyone needs love. A partner that will make your life better, who complements you. Sometimes when there are many people who are attracted to us, we seem confused. Who will I romance with? Who will I choose? Later on, when you will find the right guy or girl, you will realize that the romance you really want is a romance with your own family.

I came from a broken family.. it is really a hard time to deal with. It is so traumatic and I think I will never ever be the same. I am broken.
 Good thing that this man came into my life. The one who loves to be with me and my son. He is not the super sweet, the shout out to the world kind of man, but I know he is doing everything he can for me and our little family. I know he will protect me from anything and everyday, romancing with him and my son is a joyous moment. So precious.
Whether you are single/married/confused/brokenhearted.. look for a man who shares the same dream as you do.. and I know you will never ever be hurt again... I know it's gonna be a long journey for us, and I cannot tell the future but what is important is now, right? The perfect romance is the love of a family.. and that is the real blessing after all the intimacy, attraction and money. :)

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