Martes, Setyembre 10, 2013

What's the best business ever?

 Hi everyone! Here's a new blogpost! Right now I am posting a random post about my thoughts on all the businesses that I started. A year has pass by on my clothing store, Budget Barbie PH, my Food business, aka Chicken Central will have its first year anniversary this November. My salon, Glam Goddez will be in January! Time really passes by.. and I am happy that I am pursuing my passion.
This year is so hard for me cause I had encountered a lot of struggles. But I am able to conquer everything with the help of people I love.

Aside from all the shops that I had opened, we also have an internet cafe with quite a lot of branches already. It has been our main source of income. That is my hubby's special skill, the cafe.. but with the help of our partner Aldo Cunanan, of course, we can't live without him. LOL
 So to all my readers, who are interested on starting a business, do what you love, do something that you want it to work so badly. It's not all in your mind, but you have to take action as well. Some people have a vision to start their own business but when it comes to the work needed they cannot do it. They think that if they started it, they can relax, but the longevity of the business is really at risk if you don't strive to work and be hands on with the business. You cannot trust your employees to do the main job. You have to know everything about your business. If your determination and passion is half baked.. then I can't advice you to start your own business. If you are not willing to put all the work and risking everything, like not having  the 8-5 working time and regular paying job, then it is not for you.
So I have decided to focus on my salon.. branching out.. coz it's really a good business and I can easily manage it. I will still have my clothing store and food business but not branch out.. I will concentrate on having more Glam Goddez Salon Chains in Davao... :)

So my answer to the question... What is the best business ever? Something that you are so passionate about.. and for me.. that is... Glam Goddez Salon. :)

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