Huwebes, Nobyembre 28, 2013

A Minty Green Wedding

Hey Barbies! Did you miss me?  Sorry for being away for so long. Maybe about 3 months of not posting? Well I had a writers block.. and I was so busy with my life that I am not in the mood for blogging! But starting today I promise to post once a week! I really want to continue and I have so many nice things to update you guys from beauty, lifestyle, love, marriage, family, budgeting and etc! So please stand by! :)

So here is my outfit for Darrel and Rachelle's Wedding. It is so amazing that they gave me my own gown even if I am just a secondary sponsor. It was a beautiful wedding full of family and love!

Don't you love my dress?

For this wedding, I decided to not curl my hair for a new look and I just put on a nice rhinestone hair clip to add a little glamour.

I also added a touch of lilac earring for a much more dainty girly look!

with Eric's friends

bag and heels from: Aldo
Rachel and Darrel (the newlyweds)
Lala and Pedro (the lovebirds)
Of course the greatest accessory is the best husband ever! :)

See you soon Budget Barbies! :)

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