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The easy way to teach your Kids to Save Money

Hi Budget Barbie Mommies.. or even soon-to-be mommies! I just want to share a really special video on the easiest way to teach your kids to save money.

I was really stunned upon seeing this video because it is really really true. Specially on a world with social apps when people broadcast all the things they buy or do.. you will realize in this video that the money will not come back and it will all turn out to be a big big waste of money.

Growing up, I was not really taught on how to save. I just had a dream to be rich but nothing definite. My hubby was the one who taught me to be smart with money. All this years he is my mentor and my teacher and now, I embrace the thought of saving. It gives me a sense of thrill on having a fulfillment to be able to save every month.

My son is now 5 years old and  I am really searching for tools or videos that would teach him to be a saver like his parents.

As he was watching his favorite show in Cartoon Network, I was shocked by this video. Not only did the video explained not to waste money, but I also learned from it too. So I searched it in Youtube and I saw a lot of songs inspired by saving and how to spend your money.

The show was made by an insurance company. I think it was Prudential Life. I really do feel that they really did a great job.

Here are some of the videos that I also liked:

On Budgeting:

Being an Entrepreneur:

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Hope I was able to help you mommies!


Goodnight! :)

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