Martes, Disyembre 17, 2013

Christmas Spirit and Ms. Grinch

Hi everyone. I had a lovely day today. Done with all the errands in the morning.. craved for Dimsum and enjoyed our meal, visited all my stores, went home and took a nap. Woke up and studied with Liam coz tomorrow is his Math exam. Cooked Chicken Curry, ate dinner with hubby, hubby went to play basketball with his friends, let Liam sleep.. and viola! Me time! :)

I had been contemplating if I wanna share this feeling with all of you. You see, I am not the same. I loved the spirit of Christmas, but now, I can sense that I don't feel it. I am usually a happy and laid back person. But now I have so many things to attend to and I had been stretching myself to catch up with big sales for all my business. Just add all the stress of the everyday problems of all my businesses, me having mild contractions, me not having endorphins because no exercise for 2 weeks.

The thought of lining up when buying gifts for my loved ones, which I once loved but now that I'm pregnant, I can't seem to enjoy it. I am dreading it! I will be starting some of the holiday shopping tomorrow and hopefully I can manage. Maybe have some yummy treats so that I will be happy. LOL!

Another thing, I had to give Christmas Bonuses and grocery to all my workers. It is really damn stressful. I really hope and pray that God will provide cause I wanna make them happy.

Lastly, I am also dreading the fact that my husband will have his gallbladder stones removed this January and I promised him that I will finance this because he does not want to spend his own money with it. The disadvantage of being a businessman is that you can't avail the free health insurance benefit in a company. But I guess there are lots of even more advantages of having your own business. Number 1. TIME Number 2. Opportunities knocking on your door everyday.

The light of the tunnel is that my hubby will have a new car tomorrow. So it's good news to us.

Although I am really blessed with my life, there are really times like this that I feel like I am Ms. Grinch!
But I love my family, friends and workers that's why I am so stressed! I just tell myself that I have 11 months of Christmas. It's definitely the time for giving.

Sometimes when we feel such negative vibes.. we say to ourselves that atleast we are human. We are not perfect. I just have to chill and relax. Enjoy the Christmas Spirit. Celebrate God's love for us. Give time to be with family. Love Love Love. Then I have to tell it to myself again tomorrow... whew! I feel better!

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! And I know EXACTLY how you feel! I felt like a tired whale while christmas shopping yesterday ... and then i had to prepare a dinner + dessert for my two best friends. Stressssss.... <3

    xx Ingrid