Lunes, Disyembre 23, 2013

My London Eyelash Extension Review

 Hey Barbies! Are you thinking what to give to yourself or to your sisters? Well, I wanna recommend to you eyelash extension at London eyelash, SM Lanang.

I really love the extra ooommph on my face everyday. I have a lot of people saying that I look like a doll. Well, that would be so flattering, right?

It costs P800 and only P400 for retouch. They said that we can have a retouch after two or three weeks. But if you take care of your extensions it can last for 2 months. But I think it can't though. LOL
 So here is a picture of me with my eyelash. So sorry the right side of my eyelashes was not in perfect place. I did not notice it while taking a picture. LOL. Now I am on my 3rd week, but I still have lots of lashes. Maybe because I did not wet my face for 48 hours. That's the secret. When I wash my face I am also very careful.

 I love it! I wanna continue having eyelash extensions. It can really help specially now that I feel fat because I'm pregnant. :)
The side view. So nice. No need of eyemake up!
The only negative issue I have is I can't put on liquid eyeliner on it. Also sometimes there are morning stars sticking on the eyelashes. Haha. But I guess that is a small problem. It is so easy to manage. Yesterday was the first time I put on eyeshadow and it was okay. :)

I chose 11mm with C-Curl and Mascara Effect

Here is my OOTD :)  Merry Christmas Barbies!

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