Lunes, Disyembre 9, 2013

My Yakimix Experience

Happy Monday Barbies! Just want to share with you my Yakimix experience... hhhmmm... what can I say? The ambiance is great, service is good.. the food was good.. but the desserts? Not yummy. It was all a blah! But nevertheless I had fun with my Kaberks! It was Mael's birthday! :) We still had a blast.. it's really the company that is most important. Just wanna share some of our pics!
My kaberks tried the sizzling viands... me, I was so hungry I did not eat here much. I tried the Filipino food first! LOL
I love the ambiance and lightings!

with the new mommy Icey! :)

me and my highschool barkada

The birthday girl Mael! :)

with the balikbayan Kittycat!

surprise birthday greetings

with my baby boy

Well that's all about it! If you ask me if I'll come back again.. well definitely not! But if someone invite me for free then.. go! But I will not splurge my own money on it. :)

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