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My journey on having my US Tourist Visa

Hi everyone! I know many of you wanted to know on how I got my tourist US visa. I can give some tips and inspiration to you my dear readers. Let's start!

First of all, I just wanted to share to all of you how much I wanted this Visa. It has been a 12 year dream. I took Nursing in College hoping that I can go to USA faster. But it was not a piece of cake. There were too many Nursing applicants before me so it was not easy and it would take long. I am really looking forward to be with my mom. She lives in New York. I married my husband when I was just 21 years old young. I know she was quite disappointed when I decided to marry and be pregnant but I followed my instincts and married Eric. (No regrets there, I made the right choice) I believed in my husband. I know that he can take care of me. So without anymore delays.. fast forward on 2013 and we had reached our potential to have this Visa. My husband knows that upon marrying me, going to United States is a necessity. I promised my mom that I will go there and visit her. So since the day we got married he had arranged all of the necessary documents with the help of his parents of course.

When we scheduled the date, it was pretty much impulsive. We answered everything honestly online. Finished the D-160 form. We are now confident because we have our businesses. Hubby  with his internet cafes and me with my salon, restaurant and internet cafe. I had a fear because certainly, having a business is not that stable.. with the employee, the employer can give you a certificate that you will come back.

I think that our advantages are:
-my hubby was granted 3 US Visas already. Even the last one as an immigrant but they did not go due to personal reasons.
-My hubby had a Canadian Visa and Australian Visa but everything is expired. But atleast it can be an advantage.
-We already have multiple businesses.
-My mom is there. So they can easily locate us. :)
-We have our properties.

We decided to check-in to a hotel near the US embassy. Bayview Park Hotel. It is so affordable. I think it was only for P2,400.
the night before our interview

It was kinda expensive getting a US Visa. The application costs about P7,040. Plus plane ticket and accomodation. As I was reading some of the blogs, they said that I should choose the 6:30 am slot because waiting in line outside can be very hot and tiring. It will be such a hassle if I stay in my brothers house and wake them up early to bring us to the embassy so we decided to stay in a hotel.

When we arrived at about 5:30 am.. there were a lot of people lining up already. The line was organized to immigrants, non-immigrants and seafarers. Around 6:00 am the gates opened.. I was so glad because I really had the urge to pee! LOL

At the entrance there will be guards and a scanner to check if you bring cellphones, USB,camera or any electronic devices. Wires are also prohibited.

The next will be getting your appointment number. We were number 2011. So we are supposedly the 11th to be interviewed. I was so queasy and scared, but I was also confident because I know that we are a good candidate to get the US Visa.

When we arrived in the main office there is a poster that said, "Ikalat ang Sikreto.. walang sikreto sa pagkuha ng US Visa" This statement is basically true. Everyone has a different circumstances and I think you also put luck into the mix.

You will be lining up 3 times. 1st one is for the pre-interview, 2nd one is for finger-printing, 3rd will be the final interview. Then there was a delay due to technical reasons. I think that we got a 1 hour and 30 minutes delay. It made us even more nervous.

When our number was called for the pre-interview, it was a Filipino man. It was so funny. My husband and I kept on talking at the same time that the interviewer did not understand. But I am smart enough to think fast and remembered to let my husband do the talking. (Because he is the primary applicant and I am just the secondary)
When he checked our pictures, it was wrong. We were both smiling in our pictures. It should be neutral look. No smiles. So he said we take  new pictures just outside the office and just come back and go directly to him.

For the finger printing it was a Black American Woman who is so cheerful.. she removed all the nervousness that I felt.

When we were waiting for the last interview, we got really nervous because we can hear some of the interviews. Some of them was denied, some approved. There was also this American woman who really had a loud voice and she gave a lot of disapprovals so I really prayed that my number 2011 will not be on her counter.

Then it was our turn! It was in counter 6. We got really nervous again because the loud American woman is just beside counter 6. When we went to our counter we are happy because it was an American guy who looks kind. haha!

Before us was a family of 4, and they got disapproved. it was so sad to see them because I know they really wanted the Visa and I'm sure they spent a lot for just coming there.

So here's the questions and our answers.

A: Goodmorning!
E & F: Goodmorning!
A: What's the purpose of your trip?
E& F: For vacation
A: Do you have any relatives living in the US?
E: No sir, but my wife does, her mom.
A: Do you have other relatives aside from your mother?
F: Only 1 aunt sir.
A: What do you do?
E: I have a business, Sir
A: Do you own NanohertZ Internet Cafe?
E: Yes sir, I have 6 branches.
A: Really.. How many computers do you have?
E: About 400 sir.
A: How much do you charge per hour?
E: We charge 12/hour this year sir.
A: How about you, what do you do?
F: I have a business sir, I have a restaurant, salon and 1 internet cafe.
A: Were you given a Visa before?
E: Yes sir, I was given 3 multiple entry visa. One was tourist Visa, the other H1 Visa.
A: Who gave you your investment to start your business?
E: (don't want to share this info it's private for you viewers)

A: Okay, both of you are approved, you will get your visa in a week.

That's it! No documents needed.. he just asked us questions.

So I looked relaxed, smiled and looked directly to my interviewers eyes. My hands were so cold but I did not let it get to me.

When we were outside the embassy, I was really shouting with happiness. I told my husband that this is the best Christmas gift that he gave me! :) We immediately went to our hotel and told our family about the good news.

I am so happy and grateful with the US Visa. I am so excited to visit my mom next year after I give birth. :)

Last but not the least, the documents that we prepared:
-Business Permit and Business Name
-Property titles
-marriage and birth certificate
-banks statements and certificate
-invitation from my mom and my aunt
-Insurances or any bills that might be needed

brekky after the interview
we met up with Kuya and KuyaAriel.

my modern day knight

That's it! It was a fun but heart wrenching experience but atleast it was positive and we got approved. Hope I helped you if your also planning to get your own US Tourist Visa.

Here you go.. 10 years multiple entry! yey!

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