Sabado, Enero 25, 2014

Parisian Mom Look

Hi Barbies! Happy Sunday! It's the last day of the weekend again and its time to make most out of it with your family or try to organize some clutter in your home? 

I got my outfit inspiration from french girls today. As you can observe, its a staple in Paris to wear long sleeves stripe shirt. I always see it in bloggers everywhere. 
Here is a picture of Michelle Phan years ago her Natural Parisian Look. Having this classic look in your closet is a must! Available in my store at Damosa Market Basket for only P150 :)

I had a nice time with my family last night, although I admit I was a walking zombie from walking. Super tiring to walk in malls already. I don't know why maybe because I'm pregnant? I'd rather stay at home or go to my business. Tipid pa.

with my one and only hubby! We had a sweet tooth mania last night! We ate a lot of sweets! My husband loves sweets more than me!

me at 20 weeks. I am really halfway there! Time goes by so fast!!!!! :) I hope I can have my USD already so I can know the gender.

So I noticed that I'm blooming pregnant woman, as many of you said.. so I think its a boy again. Based on my Chinese calendar, its a boy.. but maybe a miracle will happen? LOL 

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