Martes, Enero 21, 2014

Proud Introvert and Satisfied with Career

Many people feel empty or alone when they are not in a group, specially related to work experiences.
But some people specially the creative people, like some famous artists love to work on their own. Writers also want to have some space and silence when writing an article or a book.

Having my self-imposed 'me time' is one of the luxuries that I can treasure. I can organize my stuffs, write what I feel or express anything in my blog, watch my favorite shows that my husband can't get, do some major accounting, drink my coffee or sleep.

When my son was less than a year old, I worked as an executive secretary at Petron. First, I was giddy and excited wearing office clothes.. ooohhh fashion! High heels, skirts, glamorous make up. But I realized that my son was too young to be left alone with a yaya and being anyone's secretary is not in my blood. I can't imagine working there for a long time.

Then a year after I decided to apply as a ground agent in Cebu Pacific. I love the job but there were some girls who I can't tolerate to work with. They are full of gossip, jealousy or they just have a plain bad attitude.
But I stayed there for a time because I want to be fulfilled on my own and I want to have my own money. I met a lot of different kinds of people and I learned a lot. Even though it did not suit me, well because I am more of a creative side, I knew some skills like accounting, PR, computing and business management.
Later on, I realized that it was not my calling, and I decided to make a career on my own with lots of guts and luck. Being an employee makes me feel that it it too limiting. It lessens opportunities and it does not bring out the best of me and what I am capable of.

Being your own boss can be hard. But it worked quite well with me. No one is telling me what to do and I was telling others what to do. When I encounter problems I usually ask the advice of my husband, my mom
or my mother in law. But I was happy that I don't have to wear uniforms, I can express my passion for fashion everyday, I don't have to commute everyday to get to 'work'.

I really cherish my freedom and never have to follow the rules but not in a bad way. LOL I am a secret girly rebel who doesnt want to work everyday, just when I wanted to and at the same time love what I do. I need passion in my life. My mom always told me when I was young that I am a very emotional person. Sometimes I am so elated with happiness, other times I am so down and crying. I can describe myself as a crab. Strong on the outside, weak on the inside. I don't like showing people I am weak. I love to be strong.

I can drink coffee whenever I want, (not now, because I'm pregnant.) Sleep late, wake up late, I can watch TV and work at the same time, everything is at my own pace. Now I can describe myself as an introvert person. I can choose who I want to be with, I don't have to conform to anyone, I don't have to deal with anyone's annoying habits. LOL The negative thing is my inner circle is just a small group. But I am satisfied.
But even though I say, I work alone, I still have my employees to interact and everyday, I encounter different kinds of customers that I enjoy to serve.

When it comes to doing my job, I am quite obsessive. When I need to get the job done I can work for so many hours also if it needs to be. If I make a wrong decision, or a mistake with my business, nobody can see it and I can always start fresh.

Some extroverts may not understand this happy feeling, but coming from being an extrovert person, I am much more happy and relaxed with this kind of life. I am more at ease in terms of my career and my family.
I always do my best to improve our life. When I want to be with my come back to the socializing world, I can call my friends and have some girl time. I think I can be much more accomplished when I am free, relaxed, happier and healthier. That's how the creative passionate mind like mine works best. :)

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