Lunes, Enero 6, 2014

Saying goodbye to my first store ever and What I learned in 2013

 Hi Barbies! :) Would like to announce that I no longer have a store in Victoria Plaza. I had decided to let go one of my businesses to focus on my pregnancy and the upcoming baby. But I still have my Damosa Branch and I will focus more in my online site, Budget Barbie PH in facebook. :)

I will also open another salon late this year with the help of my hairdresser. Having a salon gives no stress to me.. it's a happy business to be in.

It is very sad and bittersweet that I took the chance to let go of my store. Having a clothing store really made me happy because it is my passion aside from beauty stuffs. But I am really stretching myself too much and I started having mild contractions because of stress. That store gave me a great journey. I learned a lot and I rolled all the money that I earned and opened the Chicken Central and Glam Goddez, and because of all my earnings there, I rolled my money and opened the Damosa branch and I also helped a little bit in the internet cafe in Digos. But still I know that I made the right decision so that I will be a better mom and a wife.

 So let us talk about what I learned in 2013. It was majorly all about business, to pursue, be patient and be resourceful. Managing people is also stressful. Specially that I am a young boss. But I clearly know when to draw the line of my kindness. I am bossy but understanding at the same time.

I also learned in regards of money. I know that I am earning but sometimes people try to take advantage of me. When the time comes that I am pushed to the limit I get angry and it is so sad that I'm the one who will turn out to be the bad guy. You know the term, 'ikaw pa ang tumulong ikaw pa ang masama'. That's how I felt. But I had learned to realize to just let go of all the negative vibes and move on. No more helping without appreciating. Be careful next time. It burns bridges and it ends relationships. So better yet don't deal anything with money in regards to friends and relatives.

On friendships.. there was a time in 2013 that I had a very traumatic experience because of a friend. But I will not talk about it because I have respect and love to that person. I really appreciated everything that we had. But sad to say I chose the more peaceful path. I have a family to protect and love. I hope someday when that person has her own family or there will become the right time everything will just fall into place that we will be back to each others arms as friends because I know from my heart that I will always love her.

So here is my store in Damosa Branch:

For my family: I lost my loyal yaya Marchelly last December 31, 2013. It is sad because I was expecting her to be my yaya to my second baby. I treated her like a sister. But my husband told me not to do that because they will take advantage of me. But I never listened. When I got angry with her I texted her things I did not like about her and she threatened me that she will go. SO I told her go. It was that abrupt. Never did I expect that I will lose her but I have to move on. I no longer have a yaya but it has been almost a week and I loved it. I am more energetic and I do a lot of chores in the house. The only sad part is that my US trip will be delayed more because I can't let anyone take care of my baby that I'm not sure if my baby will be okay.

In conclusion, no matter what we do in life, family will always be there for you no matter what. I love my family and I promised myself to focus my life with my family more than anything else. I wish good health for my family specially to my mom! :)

Even though its a year of learning, my year started to be great starting July! I had a very memorable birthday in Palawan, got my US Visa, New car, I'm going to be an aunt to Olivia Blair and also I'm going to be a mom for the second time! Of course the everyday stuffs is always great specially when Im with my hubby, sis, Liam or skype with my mom or a call from my bro.

My family and I just so babaw in terms of happiness, when we eat at Mang Inasal, penongs, mcdo, Dimsum, kfc etc. etc we are very happy! But we agreed on eating out once a day only so that it will not go beyond our budget.

So that's about it! It was a trying year 2013! Add all the stress from th government, Zamboanga and Yolanda crisis. I hope its gonna be a better 2014. I know it will. No more mistakes because I learned a lot for 2013. Positive Vibes. I believe that 2014 will be our year! :)

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