Martes, Pebrero 11, 2014

My Everyday Blooming Face Make Up

Hey Barbies! I would like to share my everyday 'blooming face' make up! Of course I don't want na ako lang ang blooming! I also want you too! :) 

I am always putting all this make up on when I am out. It is so easy and very fast. 2 minutes. :)

1. a Mediskin Tinted Moisturizer. I love this. I stopped using other products since I had my acne face last year. I love this product.
1.b I also use Loreal UVBB max because it has SPF 50! Very good and it brightens your skin. 
I usually just use them depends on my mood that day. The mediskin is a lot drier than the Loreal medyo moisturized.
2. My favorite concealer now. Shawill Concealer. Less than P200 and your good to go. I swear by this product. You can buy it at Watsons or SM department store.
3. Powder so that your make up will last the whole day. No need for touch ups because 'habang tumatagal gumaganda' ang skin mo. I love yung medyo oily2 type ang face ko. me no likey na super matte. Boring tingnan.
4. Your favorite blush on. I have two choices. If I want it to be bronze look or the pink blushed look. I usually prefer shimmery blushes so that after a few hours super duper nice ang dating. LOL

5. My eyebows. using Etude House brow color something and Nyx eyebrow liner.
Will have another post about this.
 6. Last but not the least, Etude House tinted lipstain. I am just so addicted with this! I bought na nga my second stock. Lakas maka blooming and sometimes when I am working in my foodhaus I don't like to wear lipstick. Basta I love it. Ang ayaw ko lng mabilis lng sya mawala. But still love it. Di naman need cge lagay basta blooming na ang face! hehehhe

So here is the outcome of my make up. Me and my preggy face. Many of you are saying na blooming ako.. well, thanks to this make up I am! hehehhe
I just love the lipstain.. I love my glow here!

That's about it.. I hope I helped you.

Just message me on my facebook account if you have questions and concerns. K bye!
Need to work! LOL

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