Huwebes, Pebrero 6, 2014

Pregnancy Diary: Week 22

 Hi Barbies! Again, it has been awhile! I did not have the time to take pictures lately, but now, as soon as I finished my errands, I made it a point to look good today! I am now in my 22nd week, and I am halfway there! yahoo!!! I am so excited.
 I am so excited to know the gender of my baby. I had an ultrasound last Monday and she said it is 80% chance its a girl! I am so happy and grateful! I feel so blessed. I will have a repeat USD next week just to be sure... :)
 I love my outfit today, but it feels so tight in my arms already! I already gained 15 pounds! :) woah! I have a super easy pregnancy as usual, same as my son.. I hope its gonna continue till the last trimester.
I still have no stretchmarks but I really feel fat, my body feels so heavy already. But I am proud of my bump!
I have a little anxiety with my upcoming delivery.. the pain and all.. and also to my business... I hope I can still balance my energy and business while taking care of my baby, breastfeeding and etc.. I vowed not to have a yaya for the first 2 years of my second baby.. I hope I can do it while working at the same time. I hope I can be a powermom as I envisioned it to be.

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