Lunes, Pebrero 24, 2014

Pregnancy Diary: What I had been using to Prevent Stretchmarks

 Hi everyone! I want to share what I use to prevent stretchmarks while pregnant. When I was pregnant with my first baby I used Palmer's Massage Cream for Stretchmarks. It has cocoa butter on it. I never got any stretchmarks after I gave birth thanks to the cream. My doctor alsosaid that it is also because of genetics that's why I never got any stretchmarks.

My sister who just gave birth to a very pretty Olivia Blair also never got any stretchmarks. She used Bio Oil.

While I put on Palmer's Cocoa Butter, I noticed that I had a bad chemical reaction with my 2nd pregnancy. Nothing serious but the body chemical reaction  is not nice. Haha. I can smell myself and I don't like it. LOL. Is it also because I stopped putting on deodorant? I decided to be au naturel because 1. I don't have a sweaty underarms (unless going to the gym), 2. I am so scared of the chemicals in the deodorants that can cause breast cancer and not good for the baby/breastfeeding.

I also tried the Bio Oil, the one that is left from my sister.. it did have a good reaction on my skin but I gues it is quite expensive and not as moisturized as the Palmers one. I need to put on a lot of it which is expensive. So now, I decided to come back to Palmer's. I just bath two times a day to get rid of the not so good chemical body reaction.

I asked my hubby if he smells the stinky me and he said no, it is just all in my mind. Good thing that only I can smell it. haha.

So in short, I can suggest Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I think it costs P495 in Watsons.
Here is with my son! I am so excited to see my baby girl Heather Ashley! 100 days more to go! :)

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