Martes, Marso 11, 2014

My current favorite Lippie:Revlon Fuschia Fusion

 It's the middle of the week readers! I am quite proud of myself knowing that my son is super ready with his exams. I patiently reviewed him daily and I know he will be fine. I am currently excited about summer as my son will be busy with his summer activities. We will look into Mcdonalds Kiddie Crew, Swimming, basketball and Advance Math Lessons. We want him to be busy because he is our only child (for now) and it will be a waste of time if he will just stay in the house with all the technology monsters.
 I am also so excited coz my mom is coming home soon this march 19 after almost 2 years of not visiting! With that, I am so proud to show her all my businesses that she did not have the chance to see.
 Anyway, here is my current favorite lippie. Given by my mom, Revlon Fuschia Fushion. It is so creamy, lustrous and it stays on place for hours. It has a fuschia and has a little blue hue on it. I love it on me. Thanks mom!
 Try this lippie and you will not regret it!

Here it is! I hope you try it and let me know if you also love it!

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