Martes, Marso 4, 2014

Pregnancy Diary: 25 weeks pregnant with Baby Number 2

Hi everyone! Want to update my baby bump on a weekly basis coz I only have 15 more weeks to go! :) I am now in my 25th week and we are so excited! :)
On this week, it clearly shows my growing belly! OMG I feel huge already. As I had been saying I now gained 20 lbs. already. I am afraid on checking my weight on the weighing scale. I already told myself to stop eating sweets like Goldilocks polvoron and replacing it with fruits.
with my handsome Superman. He is so excited to meet Heather Ashley.
We have a new dog.. Liam named him Spike. A purebreed Doberman to be our guard dog to help with our safety.

It is a good bonding experience for my boys as they are together to check Spike on a Vet.. and it is because Spike is so expensive he needs to be pampered a lot.  Me, of course love to be the photographer. I can't wait to have my little girl. 

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