Lunes, Marso 17, 2014

Pregnancy Diary: 27 weeks with Baby Number 2

 Hey Budget Barbies! I am so happy and excited that I am now officially in my 3rd trimester! :) 
Time is flying by so quickly in the Zamora household and I am so excited to finish this pregnancy so that I can see my daughter Heather!

Truthfully, I am enjoying the pregnancy at the same time.. coz I have the reason to sleep as much as I can. lol
I have a hard time in my position of sleeping cause I am always in a side-lying position due to difficulty of breathing specially when I am so full from eating a lot.

I also decided to comeback on exercising because of too much weight gain. I expected it because I am enjoying sweets too much. I do treadmill in our house twice a day.. just walking with a speed of 2.8 just to fight the unnecessary fats. I also lessened my sweet craving and I am more on a fruit eater now.

I can really see that I am gaining in my legs and arms, a little bit on the face but not that much. My breakouts is lesser now and I am not sensitive to anything. Nothing makes me queasy. I am just super sleepy person. I sleep everywhere.
So that is an update, my son just finished his Nursery 2.. and he will be in Kinder this upcoming June. There will be a lot of changes cause in God's time I will give birth, Liam will be in Kinder, and we will transfer into our new room.

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