Sabado, Marso 8, 2014

Shopping for baby Heather

Hey Budget Barbies! Yesterday, me and my hubby started shopping for our baby number 2! We are just so excited but you know everything has to fit in a budget. I always wanted to shop at SM department store because it's complete and practical. I dressed up for a dinner with hubby. Wearing my Budget Barbie Kimono Blazer for only P250. Get it in my store inside Damosa Market Basket.
Of course my financier should be there as he will be using the credit card and me the happy pregnant woman is all smiles. So glad that I have a supportive husband to make me not worry too much about the finances. Still, I have to be practical. I don't want to be too much to my husband.

Me at 26 weeks. I am such an energetic and a happy pregnant woman this days.

We ate at Gilligan's.. SM Lanang because of the super yummy sisig!

Snakes and ladders everyday with my son.. I love it. He is using his new learning of Addition from the dice and then he will also learn good values from the game itself.

me without bath just hanging out. I always let my son play his PSP 2 hours a day. It makes him happy. We study of course before that. It is his prize from having good grades in our daily review.

So here is what I bought for baby Heather. I was super duper excited but when I go there I got tired. So I realized I need to buy some stuffs little by little so that I can be able to buy stuffs with the right set of mind.
New baby bag, wet wipes, cotton, cotton buds, diapers for my new born. I was so excited to buy for a very cute comforter for Heather.. I was imagining princesses and etc.. but I did not find any cute stuffs!!!! So I decided to not buy and go to Abreeza, Gmall or Victoria Plaza. Maybe there are cuter stuffs there.

AAAAhhhh.. the start of my fashionista Heather. Cute Socks and mittens only the best for my daughter.

I bought another Electric Sterilizer. I had one with Liam but it was broken after 3 years of using. I guess it's the proper time that it served us so I bought it again. My son did not have a diarrhea ever when he was younger.

After I finished shopping in SM Department Store.. I went to Mothercare to buy some stuffs. But sadly, I was distracted by the price. Everything is so expensive! There are a lot of cute stuffs. I decided its not worth it. I just have to buy in SM department store. I know my baby will still look good without the big amount of pricetag on. So I just went on buying the famous nasal aspirator. It has good reviews on some blog mommas. Also Avent Pacifiers.
I noticed that I was distracted by all the cute baby boy stuffs in Mothercare. They have more adorable stuffs for boys than girls.

Lastly, I got a mom card. Costs only P100 and they give discounts and freebies! :) If we buy a stroller there will be P500 off from the price and lots more. I am now an SM mom! :)

I am so excited to continue my adventure so stay tuned for more! :)

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