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30 weeks with Baby Number 2

 Hi everyone! Sorry for being a lazy blogger.. again! Things happened so fast from March to April coz my mom went home from New York. Usually, I am her partner in her vacation here and I am so pregnant thats why I don't have the time to blog. It has been two years since we saw each other so I really made it a point that we have a really good and special time. This picture was shot last April 7 so currently, I am on my 32nd week of pregnancy.
Anyway, time for my Bump UPDATE! :)

How far along: I don't wanna know! Me and my mom always eat a lot for the last 20 days so I'm afraid to check my weight!

Maternity Clothes: Starting on my 30th week I have a hard time wearing my old clothes. I like wearing my husbands shirts.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: Nice sleep but early riser because I'm always excited to see my mom in the morning!

Best Moment of this week: That week was special eevryday cause I have some special moments with my mom.

Symptoms: Heartburn, fatigue, shortness of breath, backache.

Belly Button: IN

Rings on/off: ON!

Happy or Moody most of the time: BOTH

Looking forward to: HHHmm about this time, I was looking forward on going back to work. It is not good also if you are always going out and to not work! It makes life boring!!!!

I'll be posting some pics soon.. the most recent and latest about me and my family. Hope you try to check out my blog!

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