Martes, Abril 29, 2014

Counting my Blessings thru

Hi everyone! My husband is away tonight as he is helping his business partner open a new inet cafe in Gensan. I forgot to post about this topic last holy week. I made a blog entry on how I can relate to Ms. Joy Mendoza, the wife of my crush Edric Mendoza.

I learned about Edric when I watched the show in ANC On the Money. He is quite handsome, smart and God fearing (as I can observe). So I researched about his wife, and I was happy that she is a blogger too who shares everything about her life and family. She has 5 kids and homeschools her kids. She always relates her problems and whatnots to God and how she deals with it.

My favorite blog entries are about her marriage because I learn and can relate from her.

Anyway.. it was Maundy Thursday I think that me and my husband watched The 700 Club in GMA. He already watched the first story and he said that he was touched by the story. As we are eating our dinner, the second part was about Ms. Joy Mendoza so I watched it with my husband.

I was shocked by what happened to her when she was 15. They got robbed inside their house, and she got RAPED by this awful men. Given that her parents are not there (her dad is a Pastor and her mom was also in the church). You could not imagine how it could have happened to her. She was a good girl with no boyfriend at that time and I was incredibly shocked that it happened to a faithful server of God. It is really true that you will never know what will happen in your life.

I can also remember the time that my husband and his family was hostaged in their own house when he was in High school. Good thing they are all safe. He said he was very traumatized on what happened. Everytime we sleep, he always puts on a black cloth in his eyes.

So, going back to me.. I had a lot of hidden pains on what happened with my dad. But I will choose not to tell  out of respect and love. I realized that I am not lucky on this part of my life and when I remember the miserable moments, I always am angry. Even now, I can still feel the pain.. I realized that what happened to me was not that bad at all. It may be a very common part of a broken family.. but I never got over it. It scarred me. I never got the chance for peace till now.

My "father" broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to.

But after watching the show.. its like God has given me a sign to forget all those bad memories that I had. It made me realized that dark place that I encountered was just so little compared to what happeend to Ms. Joy. I could not imagine if that happened to me. I am so blessed with my life. Specially to my new family. I love my husband, my son and my inlaws. I love my mom and my siblings. That has to be enough. I am living my dream.  I am really grateful for all the blessings God gave me.

So to end this blog entry.. Ms. Joy is now married to Edric and has 5 kids. She is not ashamed on what happened to her and she is able to move on too. She is now very happy with her blessed life.

If you wanna learn about her go check her blog:

For me.. I am living life day by day, and hopefully I can move on.. forgiveness is one of my weakness. I hope that God will give me the serenity to move on with the dark place that I experienced in my life.

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