Lunes, Abril 14, 2014

Hoarders Show makes you wanna clean up

Every Friday night, my hubby plays basketball with his friends. Me and my son have some regular bonding time. Around 10pm.. I switch my TV to channel 202 BIO to watch Hoarders from 10-12 midnight. I am a nurse so I know this psychological illness. I get so weirded out and it keeps me interested on why they are that way. How they help these hoarders and give them a new life.

As a woman, I love shopping new stuffs, it makes me happy. But the disadvantage is that it causes clutter into your home. There are times when I feel like decluterring our house. It makes you feel relieved that you have a clean and organized home. I admit, I am not the queen of organizing I am weak on that point. My mother in law helps me with it.

My husband and I's office is in our home so we have a lot of paperworks coming in and new stuffs related to the business. It is quite a task on clearing everything. Everyday there is clutter because we use our room day by day.

After watching the show regularly, I am such a  sucker for cleaning up. My husband is happier of course. Specially now that I am pregnant (8 months to be exact) I know I can't have the time to clean as much as I wanted to. I am scared to be a hoarder ( I tend to hoard on clothes and beauty products) So I throw away everything that I don't need lately. So it helps to watch shows like these, so that we can learn from it and lets you clean up after watching the show.

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