Miyerkules, Abril 30, 2014

My Current Beauty Must haves

Hi everyone! Just want to share my current beauty must haves! I love everything and I want to share to my dear readers.

 From left to right:

1. Loreal UV Perfect Instant White Sunblock for the Face. I super love this one. It is water based and brightens skin.

2. Marks and Spencer Floral Collection in Magnolia. Smells so good and non sticky. Good for daytime.

3. Human Nature Deodorant in Powder Fresh. I recently started au naturel in my armpit, but I tried this product and I loved it too much! Made me feel so fresh and protected from body odor specially this summer, and it is organic!

4. Nivea Intensive Moisture. For night time. For smoother and super moisturized skin.
 For my face.

1. Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue. Make up wipes when I arrive from work or anywhere. Sometimes I want to take a nap and I get so tired to wash my face. This product works for me.

2. St. Ives Timeless Skin with Collagen. I love this product. Again, I'm a fan of waterbased products. I hate sticky products. I've seen wonders on my skin in just 3 days.
 For my feminine hygiene: I only use Human Nature.Since I used this I never had UTI. It is so good.
For my hair:

1. Human Nature Shampoo. Love! SO moisturizing.

2. Suave Volumizing Mousse: For a volumized hair.

3. Dove Nourishing Care Conditioner: The only conditioner that I did not have any hairfall.

4. Garnier Fructus Anti-freeze serum: Keeps my hair soft and shiny.

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