Miyerkules, Abril 16, 2014

My Surprise Baby Shower

Sharing to you my baby shower pictures last March 20.. I decided not to have a baby shower because:

1.This is my second baby and I don't want to pressure anyone on giving me gifts because I know me and my husband can afford stuffs for our second baby and we can also choose what we really really want.

2. It is so tiring to prepare for a baby shower and not in the mood for a party that I am the center of attention.

But my sister and my mom decided to throw me a surprise baby shower even though I kept on telling my sis that i don't like it.

I was so surprised I thought we were just having dinner with my mom. It turns out it was my baby shower! Thank you for my sister and my mom for giving me a quick and fun baby shower. Thank you for everyone who came and for the gifts for my daughter Heather.

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