Miyerkules, Abril 30, 2014

Summer Fun: Painting with Promil Preschool Free Hamzah Artwork

Hi everyone! It's freakin' hot in Davao. It is the first time we experience 4 hours at daytime and 2 hours at night time brownout. So I decided to think some fun stuffs for my son to enjoy while beating the summer heat and the 'no electricity' season.

I hate the brownout but I guess I have no choice. I bought the Promil Preschool, Paint like Hamzah. It comes with a free handbag design by hamzah and a Paint Set. It is really fun specially for a creative mom like me!
 I tried letting my son color thru crayons and a coloring book but he did not like it. Good thing he loved painting! I also taught him how to mix 2 primary colors and it can become another color! He had a good time and he even said, "I'm happy I get to bond with you mommy."

So here is the final output of my son with the help of mommy of course! It took us 4 hours to finish this!

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