Sabado, Mayo 3, 2014

Baby Bump Update: 34 weeks with Baby Number 2

 Happy Sunday Everyone! :) Hope you had a lovely weekend! Today is the last day and we must cherish our family and the time we spent with them.
  OMG I am offically in my 34th week and I have 6 more weeks to go! It's either I will be 2 weeks earlier or 2 weeks later than my due date but it can also happen in June 12.. we never know! I am enjoying my pregnancy.. I love styling myself in order to look good even if I am very big already. I actually don't care because I know I can still be back on my prebaby body. But I don't know about my tummy though. Hopefully!
The side view of my bump. Gettin so big right! I am so excited to see my baby girl!
 My son's signature smile. I taught him how to smile like this so he can hide his toothless smile.
Very good Liam!

The Twins!!!
 I bonded with my college bru last Thursday! I missed hanging out with Yanni!
 I love my look here. Big Bun! Black blouse, gartered shorts, emerald earrings and violet pink lips!
Here's my Bump Update as usual! :)

How far along: 34 weeks! (6 weeks to go)

Maternity Clothes: Never!

Stretchmarks: None

Sleep: Nice sleep :) I am guilty with drinking Kopiko brown coffee yesterday. I had a lots of things to do yesterday. Took pictures for my May collection of my clothing shop, went to my store and made a lot of sales then went with hubby, Liam and my mother in law downtown for my errands, then went to my hubby's cousin Ate Maricar birthday.It was all worth it. I am dead tired when I arrived in the house at around 10pm.

Best Moment f the Week: When I made good sales on my clothing shop yesterday! Happy me! I feel good.

Symptoms: It has been 2 days since I did not have time to exercise.. so I experienced major backache yesterday. I better get back on exercising today!

Belly Button: Out!

Rings on/off: ON!

Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Moody! :) I am very irritable this week!

Looking forward to: My 36th week.. so I can start drinking malunggay supplements for my breastfeeding moments! :)

Happy Sunday and thanks for taking time reading my blog!

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