Linggo, Mayo 18, 2014

Baby Bump Update: 36 weeks Pregnant with Baby No. 2

Hello dear readers! I can't believe that I only have 4 weeks to go.. and I am on my 36th week! I just love hanging out in the house cleaning (nesting mode) preparing myself for the busy days ahead. I am focusing on doing 1 hour of cardio everyday so that I will hopefully have an easy normal delivery.

Here is the first look that I want to share and I got this look from Kristin Cavallari. She is so cute being pregnant. I love her outfits. I found this look on Pinterest typing pregnancy fashion. I got to know her on The Hills when I was still in college. If you wanna get to know her she is on instagram: Kristincavallari

Sayang I did not get to put on a belt and a cute bag! But I guess I don't like putting on belts in my outfits. I don't know why.

The second look is a more girly sophisticated look. Black and white Polka dots, white lace shorts and pearl necklace.

Here I am wearing a Chanel Inspired Bag. Can't wait to have my own Chanel bag soon! Hopefully in 2 years? LOL I will take my time. :)

So here is my Bump Update as usual!

How far along: 36 weeks

Total Weight Gain: I am definitely right on my weight gain! A total of 30 lbs. already. LOL

Maternity Clothes: Never. Why would I? I have maxi dresses and garterized shorts!

Stretchmarks: No stretchmarks coz I put on Palmer's cocoa butter religiously.

Sleep: I am loving my sleep two times a day! yey! Even though my hip pains me because of too much side-lying position, still it is a deep sleep, I am still grateful.

Best Moment of the Week: When I finished all my important things to-do-list in my phone! Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishing a lot of things. Now, I just do the usual errands because I finished a lot of things that was stuck in my head for the whole summer.

Movement: Lots and Lots from my baby Heather! I am so happy that she is now in a cephalic position. A good chance for a normal delivery. Hopefully! I am always praying everyday.

Food Cravings: I love to eat pancit lately. hehehe and champorado!

Anything makes you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Belly Button: OUT

Wedding Ring: ON

Happy or Moody Most of the time: The last week was a moody one for me. I had a small fight with my husband and I was not in the mood. It was a day of no sleep and heartache. Hehehe. But you know marriage is not perfect and I get to have a husband who says sorry first and gives me my favorite food as a lambing to get me back!

Looking forward to: Seeing my baby Heather! I am just so excited! :) My sister was on her 36th week when she had her baby. But I had Liam on the exact expected date, September 15, 2008. I am looking forward for next week ot on 38th week so I will be considered full term! Just take your time baby Heather. I know you will come on the right time.

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