Sabado, Mayo 31, 2014

Baby Bump Update: 38 weeks with baby Number 2!

Hi everyone! I did not give birth yet! I am really hoping this week will be it! But no worries if Heather still wanna stay in the safety of Mama's womb.
Me and my sis went to Abreeza for some shopping and ate at Max's Chicken for a sisterly bonding.
The day before that, I met up with my friend Lala for bonding time again. Gotta do this now because I will be too busy with my baby!
How far along? 38 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs..last time I checked.. but I think I gained another 2 for this week. Crazy Appetite!

Maternity Clothes: Everyday is dress day (daster mode on) and Maxi dress day!

Sleep: I wake up sooo many times in the night - it's getting so uncomfortable :( However once I have my nap during the day I'm usually fine. 

Best Moment of the Week: HHHmmm.. my last shopping moments for myself yesterday. I bought a cute gold bag and a longsleeve top from cache cache for 70% off!

Movement:  Tons of movement! She is getting so big and her kicks are quite painful sometimes. There are also some time that she is so behaved. I worry why she is not moving.

Food Cravings: Anything that has chocolate!

Anything Makes you queasy or sick? At this time around, nothing makes me sick but I get nervous watching birth story shows in Discovery Home and Health.

Gender: Girl

Labour Signs: 3 days of painful cervix already. But no true labor yet. I get fearful trying to exercise because its painful.

Symptoms: Like what I said, I have painful cervix. No backaches but I feel so heavy, tired and swollen  everyday. I am taking Natalac 2 times a day already to get me ready on breastfeeding but literally I hate the smell of my farts!!! But it gave me better digestion. I always have a soft stool every other day!

Belly Button: OUT

Wedding Ring: ON

Looking forward to: Giving birth this week please!!!!

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