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Evening Primrose Oil and Raspberry Leaf tea for Labor

Hi everyone! today was the schedule of my pregnancy check up and I want to talk about natural way of inducing my labor.

This time around, I am tremendously doing my research on easy labor, exercises and breastfeeding.

Some of the things I found in Youtube and other websites that Raspberry Leaf tea can help me with easier labor.

I bought mine in Healthy Options at abreeza mall. It costs P269 pesos only. It is organic. Based on my research, I should drink 2-3 cups a day and I should start on my 37th week which I am now. I would definitely tell you if it worked. Hopefully Heather will come out next week! :)

I go really interested with the raspberry leaf tea with Mama Natural on Youtube. Check her out.. you will really learn a lot from her.

The second one that I took today was the evening primrose oil that was given by my doctor. I was happy that she gave me this, because as I began my research today, the EPO is quite effective to some.

You can find it here:

The evening primrose oil pregnancy supplement was popularized by the Europeans. However, the true origin of this supplement can be traced back toNorth America. Inhabitants ofNorth Americagenerally regarded the evening primrose as food. At times, they used this plant as medicine for treating allergies and other inflammatory illnesses. European settlers brought the seeds and roots of evening primrose oil toEuropeand introduced it to the market.

Evening primrose oil pregnancy contains an ample amount of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are needed by the woman’s body to stay healthy. According to experts, the evening primrose oil pregnancy as fertility treatment works by thickening and strengthening the mucus lining of the cervix. It helps the woman’s body to produce a certain type of cervix mucus, which aids the sperm in its journey to the waiting egg. This mucus helps the sperm cell survive inside the uterus and paves the way to implantation. Thus, it boosts the success rate of fertility and conception.

The recommended ingestion of evening primrose oil pregnancy supplement is from first day of menstrual period through the ovulation. Once the person has confirmed pregnancy, she may retake this supplement on the 36th week of conception till labor. This can help prepare the cervix for childbirth and labor. It can make delivery easier for the mother and child.

Here I am just arrived from home from my check up. hearing the news that I am 1-2 cm dilated already but the baby is still on posterior position. Hope after I watch Maleficent I am going to deliver my baby already. :) Happy weekend!

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