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Improvements in Beauty Department

Hi everyone! It is a super laidback Saturday and I want to blog about my beauty improvements.

To those close to me, you know that I love clothes, accessories and make up. I concentrate on that when I go out. But being pregnant.. and super kikay.. I browsed instagram and followed my favorite bloggers and I realized some things that I need to improve on in regards to beauty.

1. Hair

I am the girl who has Serena Vander woodsen kind a hair. (gulo-gulo hair) I never gave my hair any attention since I was young. Maybe because I have naurally straight and healthy hair so I don't do anything with it except for hair color and a little bit of treatments.

When I had my own salon, I told myself I will have very nice hair because I have my own hairdresser. But I am an on-the-go girl and I just wash and wear my hair because I am too busy. When I have an extra time, I only airdry it with electric fan with a little volume. I don't put anything on my hair. Even my hairdresser says that I need to comb my hair. I don't go to treatments on my salon also because I want to make money and I don't want to waste my stocks for myself. lol.

But I realized from watching my favorite bloggers that they really take care of their hair and it adds an extra oomph factor on their look. 
Now I really give time with my hair like trying out new looks.
 'The bun'
'volumized hair'
'high ponytail'

Everytime I go out I really am trying to style my hair.  I am happy with the results. I sometimes add serum, use dry shampoo or mousse to help me with styling my hair. I also wash my hair every other day to bring out the natural oils on my hair. Right now I am still waiting to give birth to darken my hair. I am so tired with the ombre look. But my baby is the priority. I am scared to put chemicals on my body while pregnant.

I will talk about hair in another blog entry soon as I can finalize on my research about hair. :)

2. Eyelashes

I love having eyelash extensions! Maybe if my baby is already in her 5th month, I can have it again. Now, I can't because I don't want to think about my eyelash extension from falling. Sometimes it is itchy and I want to concentrate on my baby than worrying about my eyelashes. 

3. Lips

I am so obsessed with lipsticks lately. Love to try different looks and I am much more daring now. Before, I only put on pinks, oranges and reds.. now I added burgundy, wine colors, nudes, mattes, dark brown, violet and etc. I usually combine 2 lipsticks so I don't have to buy for a specific color. But I make sure that I don't go overboard and I still look normal. Lipsticks that are wearable still. If you are addicted to looks on instagram and Pinterest.. you will get what I mean.

4. Nails

Since I have a salon and I don't have too pay a lot for beautiful nails, I love pretty nails now. Before, I never like maintaining my nails with nailpolish because it weakens my nails at the same time it is so hard to take care of it specially if the nailpolished gets chipped and you have to redo it over again. Since I have my salon I have my manicurista to take care of my nails. But now, its been 3 months since I stopped putting nail polish because of being pregnant and I want my nails to grow healthy and having a baby means no nail polish. I'll start to have my nails done at the same time as my eyelash extensions.

P.S. I want to look beautiful for myself and not for anyone else. I just love looking good. Kudos to the people who admits this and I am proud to be one!


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