Martes, Mayo 13, 2014

My Fitness Routine while Pregnant

Hi everyone! I am still  35 weeks pregnant and I am on my nesting mode. I love cleaning up stuffs because I know I will be very busy with my baby once she will come out and get settled in.

Tonight, I am going to talk about my Fitness routine while pregnant and also what I'm eating during the pregnancy.

Let us start on the food.

When I was pregnant with my son Liam (21 years old), I was so conscious about my weight. I was very healthy pregnant woman. More on fish, veggies and toasted bread. I stayed away from junkfood and too much sweets. I never gave in on my cravings that much.
I was 100 lbs. pre-pregnancy and when I was in labor, I gained a total of 28 lbs.

This time, I really gave in with all my sweet cravings. I ate anything I wanted because I believe that this is my last pregnancy. I just felt that I want to enjoy and just go on an exercise routine when the doctor clears me from health risks.

I think I gained 30 lbs. already now! I did not check my weight but I think so. LOL I will have to check this Thursday as I will have my check up.

On my fourth month, I decided to eat brown rice instead of white rice so it will lessen my weight gain. It helped but again, my sweet tooth is the problem. I love anything sweet specially Goldilocks Classic Polvoron.

Now back to my Fitness Routine:
My pre-pregnancy weight is 108-110 lbs. On my first trimester, I still go to the gym with my husband from Monday to Friday. I do treadmill and a little bit of weights. (Dumbbell only)

On my second trimester, I decided to stop exercising because I had mild contractions. Everytime I do my work or errands I feel mild contractions. I was afraid to lose my baby. My doctor gave me some meds but I still do my regular work and errands.

On my third trimester, the doctor told me to exercise because I felt really unhealthy and fat already. She said it's okay to exercise and just stop if I feel uncomfortable.
So I tried this Denise Austin Fit and Firm Pregnancy that had 20 minute-cardio work out! It is fun and I feel the time is really fast while doing it. She keeps me going.. she says, "you can do it" or "enjoy this time of your life" and "you will be back with your sexy body soon"

There is also some toning in her work out but I did not like it as much as her cardio. I love doing my own weight training.

I bought a 6-lb. dumbbell at Victoria Plaza to firm my arms... I really feel that my arms look really big already. So I decided to firm it up. I do 3 reps of this everyday.
If I have an extra time, or I do not feel tired, I also treadmill in our house for 30 minutes with only a speed of 3 only. I feel safer that way. So all in all a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes a day for my fitness routine. Not bad!

I really feel that it gave me a lot of benefits when I started exercising. I am more energetic and I don't get tired easily. My cravings for sweets lessened and my backache did not come back!!! So it is really good for my body. After my first pregnancy, I got my body back in just a month after giving birth to my son. I got mild alopecia because of early dieting. It was a sad situation. But now, I don't expect for it to be back so soon because  it's my second baby already and I really ate everything I like this time. I am giving myself 3-5 months to have my body back and to focus on my baby and my body to be healthy.

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