Linggo, Mayo 11, 2014

My Week-in photos plus Baby Bump Update:35 weeks Pregnant

Hi everyone! Happy Mothers Day! :) 

I feel so proud and privileged that God has blessed me to be a mother early on in my life. I get to mature and I learned a lot so much even though I'm still young (I still think so) lol

Tonight, I get to share my week-in pictures. It was a very busy week for me and my family coz we supported my son on his Milo Basketball Clinic, went to a wedding and 2 parties in 1 day. (Insert work and errands)

This is the time when we went to a wedding, May 8.. the daughter of our driver got married with a Korean guy. My mother-in-law is the Ninang of course. No one will drive her in Samal, my hubby was tired that day so I drived her in Samal even though I was scared because it was my first time to travel in the ferry as the driver, second, I'm 35 weeks pregnant already. But I decided to accept the challenge because my mom needs me and I know God will not let me give birth this time. I just prayed that we will be safe.

One of our bonding moments with Liam inside the car after his basketball game. During this times, Liam kept asking me a lot of questions and I make sure to answer everything so he can learn a lot. Sometimes it is so tiring but I know he needs it.

 Here is a pic with me and my husband on Liam's basketball tournament. All out support so Liam can be a confident boy!
I am such a proud mom! He is growing to be a smart and happy boy.
 So proud when he gets to shoot! He is only 5 years old! This is my hubby's dream actually. He wants his son to be a varsity player. Dada is so passionate with basketball. He believes that it can give sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork and fun for Liam. I'm glad that Liam loved the experience too. :)

I am so glad that my husband is always there for Liam. he is a lucky child.

 Here is a pic with me and my barkada. It's Stacey's first birthday! :)
Happy Mother's day to my loving mom!

 Celebrating Mothers Day and Despedida of my Sis in law and family. They will be assigned in Manila, and hopefully soon on their dream country!
 Of course I get to post a bump outfit diary for my pregnancy.

Finally, my Bump Update!

How far along: 35 weeks! 5 weeks to go!

Maternity Clothes:  nyah!

Stretchmarks: Still none!

Sleep: Been having shortness of breath again.. so sometimes I have a hard time sleeping.

Best Moment of the week: When my friend told me that I did not gain weight, just my bump! Also seeing my son playing basketball kept me happy this week.

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, slightly painful Braxton Hicks contraction. Always tired and want to sleep!

Belly Button: Out!

Rings On/Off: ON

Happy or Moody: Happy and moody!

Looking forward on: Seeing my little one. I feel so fat, heavy and tired this week!

Happy Sunday and thanks for taking time reading my blog!

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