Huwebes, Hunyo 5, 2014

My Son Liam's Mcdo Kiddie Crew Summer Experience

Hi everyone! Just wanna share my son's Mcdonald's Kiddie Crew experience! All I can say is that it really is so worth it to join your son on this Summer fun! It only costs P599 for a 5-day kiddie crew experience.
It comes with a free bag, hat and and I.D. On my son's first day, Liam was so nervous (even I was, anxiety mode) because he has no friend that joined with him. I know the feeling of being a stranger to a class specially on summer classes. You don't know anyone. So I stayed with him the whole time. I was happy seeing him making some effort to be friendly. I know Liam that he loves talking to adult people and he is mature for his age so it takes a lot to be friendly to kids.

At first he was sad because the kids was not that friendly with him, but I reminded him to start the conversation and just relax and enjoy the experience. So the second day was so much better.
They were taught how to greet the customers. Also there was free food for 5 days! Burger, spaghetti and chicken with drinks! I think Mcdonalds did not gain anything on this activity. They just want the kids to experience Mcdonalds.
My mom took the pictures. On the second day, they made their own burgers and went inside the counter. The third day, they painted their own aprons. On the fourth day, they practiced for their song and dance number for the last day. They have free aprons and free chef's hat!
All in all, my son had fun. There were times that he felt bored or sad but it in the end he said he was sad that it was their last day. It was a great experience for my son.. :)

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