Huwebes, Hunyo 5, 2014

My son's Galileo Math Experience

So this is actually a 3-part series!!! So this is the last activity for my son this summer. The Galileo Math Experience. Do you know that I am so bad in Math? I am so proud that my husband is good in Math and I'm happy that Liam enjoys Math like his dada. Before, I only dreamed of enrolling to kiddie math because I know it is my weakest point. But we did not have budget for it. But its okay, I studied really hard to be able to finish all the subjects of Math in my life. LOL!

So, better yet, I have to enroll my son as early as 5!! So he will be a Math whiz like his dada!!!
i thought he was gonna be in Singapore Math, but on his age, he still be in regular Math. It costs around, P1,950 for one month. It is a three times a week and one hour a day activity. I scheduled my son in the afternoon so that I can do errands while he is in Galileo.

Every after class, he has homework and he had fun. He also met a lot of friends. That is what I'm happy about. So I assume that he is advanced on his class this school year. Anyhow, he started his class today. I was really excited for him!

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