Huwebes, Hunyo 5, 2014

My son's Milo Basketball Clinic Experience

Hi everyone! Just wanna share my son's experience on his Milo training. It was a 5-day affair and it costs us P3,500.
My hubby wants my son to be a pro basketball player. That is his dream. So he wants my son to start early and love and hold the ball.
My son learned a lot. He know how to dribble and a lot more. I don't know the names of all the activities but he gained a lot of friends, he learned a lot, was able to do the activities for a 5 year old. What is great about this is that the ages of the children that he was with was 5-8 years old. So he did not have a hard time delaing with his co-players, example being out of place. The only problem was that after the 5-day experience my son was so thin because of all the physical activities and he had a cough after. He is naturally a thin child thanks to his mom and because when we were also young, me and my husband was also so thin. So combining our genes, he is a thin but tall child.

I will definitely enroll my son again next Summer. If you wanna join your son.. here is the FB page for Davao:

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