Martes, Hunyo 3, 2014

Our Maternity Shoot

Hi everyone! Just wanna share our 'sariling kayod' maternity shoot. This was taken in Playa Azalea, Samal.
Photographer: My brother, Eric Cancio
Taken in 10
Just wanna have these pictures for memories as pregnant woman. I did not have a maternity shoot for my son Liam because it was circa 2008.. DSLR's was not on trend yet.

random pic taken by my brother

one of the first shots


back mode!

atik2 laugh!


in the mood for some shots!

I was 7 months here!

I so love this pic!!! 

so excited for our daughter!

chubby me!

kiss kiss bang bang

happy and proud parents to have a complete family. One son and one daughter!

the girl and boy next door!


We are so excited for you baby Heather Ashley!

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