Sabado, Agosto 9, 2014


Hey Barbies! Sorry for the absence for 2 months! I was so busy with my new daughter. She loves chest to chest time with me everytime and I am breastfeeding as well as taking care of my hubby, son and business. 
But now, I am officially back to blogging! Heather can stay in the stroller for a time now so I can have writing time for my blog. 

While on hiatus, I have decided to be super duper real to you guys. Will share a lot of my life, my kids, business and marriage! Hopefully you will love it or be interested by it. This blog is sharing a part of my beautiful and challenging life. SO stay tuned! 

Happy Weekend! I hope I can make the next blog post tomorrow or soon! :) 

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  1. Oh goosh! u looking great! it good to see you here again.. and u baby look pretty n still can't believe that your baby grow up so much.. n adorable! :) anyway, looking forward your next post. :)