Miyerkules, Setyembre 24, 2014

A closer look on my princess H

Hi everyone! I am trying to be a good blogger! I am using my DSLR camera for this blogpost! yey! More time for the busy mommy!

I just want to share candid photos of my daughter. She really makes my day. Having a baby and a big kid really is a very different feeling. She is so innocent, sweet and very charming.

I am lucky that my husband gave me 2 behaved children. But I can't say for Heather yet because I don't know what will be her attitude as a toddler. As of now she is a breath of fresh air and she doesnt give me a hard time.

Her face is a combination of Eric, my sister Apple, my father and my cousin Ana. She is a pretty charming baby. I can't wait when she will be a big girl, I can dress her up. We will play dolls together. I am going to play with her all the time. LOL She also has a Mikee Cojuangco dimple on her right cheek. So cute. She is a chubby chunky baby! Baby Ashley got her height same as my sis-in- law Carla Mae. I am happy. My sister is 5'7 thats why I know she will be a model/beautyqueen. 
I hope she also inherits my sis-in-laws strong and very smart personality.
But we never know.. I am willing to take the ride with my kids. Anything they want to do.. I wanna support them. 

Happy Thursday! 



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