Martes, Setyembre 23, 2014

Edgy Mom

When you are a busy mom with two kids, worrying about my ootd is not a priority nowadays. That's why when I dress up, I wanna blog about it. I love this look. It is edgy and conservative.

The blazer is from F21--- given by my mom in NY
Dress - F21 here in Davao. Got it on sale. Buy 1 take 1 Promo. Got 2 maxidresses. :)

Having 2 children changed me alot. I don't consider myself as super vain anymore,.Just add on the stress on the list. So many priorities and goals for my kids. My hubby and I wants the best for our kids.

I still want to blog.. not on OOTD posts but more on my lifestyle, beauty and mommyhood.

Hopefully I can have nice pictures. I'll try the DSLR. That is when I have the time. I'm crazy about my kids. my hubby,my business.

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