Miyerkules, Oktubre 29, 2014

Fall Inspired Outfit: Camo and Cheetah Scarf

Welcome to my Part 2 Fall-Inspired Outfit! I wore a camo-colored blazer and cheetah scarf! I super love wearing this look. I have this blazer for almost 3 years already. It was given by my mom. 
 Don't you know that I am an absolute cheetah girl? I love to incorporate cheetah in my wardrobe but not over the top. I have to only wear one accessory of a cheetah print. One scarf, one blouse or my rubber shoes.

This look is very wearable! It is so comfy specially when I go to my errands for the day and I need to be conservative but fashionable at the same time. I went to Uyanguren this day.. but I removed my scarf of course! 

I went to there to buy some materials for the design of my sofa for my new salon. Tomorrow I go back to Uyanguren again to buy Paint.. Woohoo! I am sure its gonna be so fab!  I am so excited to show you all my beautiful salon.



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