Martes, Oktubre 14, 2014

Exotic Animal Encounter at SM Lanang Premiere

Hey everyone! Last Sunday, me and my cousin went to SM Lanang to explore the Exotic Animal Encounter for free! I am a sucker for free bonding experiences for my son Liam. I want him to learn a lot and explore life as much as possible. So when I saw the ad I quickly invited my cousin Hasmin to go because she also has a daughter and very close to Liam as well. 

When we were young we are so close. Till now, we still love each other like bestfriends.

My look is inspired by Khloe Kardashian.

 I love the two together!
 Selfie moment!



 At first, I was so excited to see all the exotic animals. But later on I did not want to explore anymore because there were snakes everywhere.. although the snakes are being held by the owner, I still am scared of them. One of my fears is being bitten by a snake. My cousin laughed at me because I was the one who invited them and I was the one got scared first. It kind of overwhelmed me, there were so many people around. Snakes and Tarantulas and other exotic animals.

But I'm glad the kids had fun. To more adventures!

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