Huwebes, Oktubre 2, 2014

The To-Do List

Women. We have to do everything. From having a nice home, to children's homework, taking care of the kids.. and husband, food on the table, accounting the family budget and to those who are working mothers or businesswoman like me, we need to do a good job on it to be self sufficient and to have our own money.

Can I say, 24 hours is not enough for a day?

and YES.. I need my sleep. I love to have my beauty sleep. So I want to manage my time and set goals for myself. Specially now that I have a small baby that I don't want anyone to hold except if I have to work or visit my business.

Before I met my husband, I was a stubborn woman. I just think all the things I needed to do and just store it in my wonderful brain. LOL. 

But guess what, I always forget something... and our house is so faraway. So I wasted time and money for forgetting things I need to buy or need to do.
When we got married, we always fight everytime I forget something and he has to turn back to get the things I need to buy. I don't like being criticized so we fight about it all the time.
My hubby always has a 'to-do list' on his phone and he just erases it everytime he finishes a task. I noticed my sister-in-law also has a small notebook to write her things to do.

My hubby always tells me, 'Why don't you try having a to-do list?'

So I take down my pride and started to have a TO DO LIST.

and ta--daaahhhh..

I accomplish a lot of things specially on business-related stuffs.
So I never turned back. 

It feels so good to erase the to-do list and feel accomplished!!!

So I guarantee that having a 'to-do list' whether its a cute notebook or notes on your phone, you can manage your life easier and faster...




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