Martes, Oktubre 21, 2014

Tips on How to Look Good while Pregnant

Hi everyone! Just want to share my tips on how to look good even while you're pregnant! I sure loved the time I was pregnant with my daughter! I have the money to buy clothes compared to Liam I did not have any budget! Of course my mother also gave me dresses from New York!

Anyway, here are my easy tips:

1. Drink your vitamins.

2. You have to buy clothes that you can still wear after pregnancy. It is so practical that way.

3.Accessorize: It can easily add an oommpphhh to your look.

4.Prioritize Skincare. Most of us will have hormonal imbalance. I went to my Derma before it got worst. I go to Mediskin.

5.Lipstick helps you glow and pretty. It's a good pick-me-upper.

6.Show that Bump. Don't hide your belly. Show it off be proud of it. It looks cute! Everybody will love it! It's a blessing from God!

7.Say Hello to Leggings, Cute Kimonos and Blazers.

8. Wear ALL Black if you have unpretty days.

9. A Maxidress is your bestfriend. Seriously. So comfy. Make sure to choose the right silhouette.

10. Lastly, Show off that pregnancy glow! Smile! It will change your life. Don't let the stressors get to you. 

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